• Stay Up to Date and Save on Crew Travel

    Companies and their travel policies need to keep evolving in order to address and take advantage of the changes that are happening in the world of corporate travel. For example, many travel companies have travel policies that don’t specifically address technologies behind the “shared economy” seen in the emergence of Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and other such innovations. Andrea Tsakanikas, an experienced travel manager with more than two decades of experience in the travel management industry under her belt, says she frequently encounters questions regarding the appropriateness of using some of those latest developments, such as Airbnb, when employees travel. Companies have a duty of care to their employees, so it is important to update the travel policies so that such innovations are addressed. The disadvantages of Airbnb can be explored so that your crew doesn’t put itself and the company at risk when out in the field, for example. However, not all new technologies should be avoided. Online rate comparison sites, travel management apps (CrewFacts used by CrewFacilities, for example) and other similar innovations can be discussed in the travel policy as avenues through which employees can keep travel costs affordable without putting their safety and the reputation of the company at risk. The costs associated with employee travel also keep evolving. For example, air travel rates may drop while hotel room rates go up. The travel policy should be updated in order to address any changes in the costs of travel for your employees so that the requirements stipulated in the policy are an accurate reflection of the realities of employee travel. When did you last review the travel policy of your company? Ask CrewFacilities and its President Andrea Tsakanikas to take charge of managing your crew travels as they help you to review and update your travel policy. This collaboration will result in a seamless travel experience for your employees while attaining cost savings.

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