• Why Your Relationship With A Lodging Provider is Beneficial for Group Travel

    It is important to cultivate strong relationships with lodging providers so that you can enjoy preferential rates, loyalty rewards, reservations at short notice, etc. However, it can be hard for many companies to develop these vital relationships because their crews keep moving from one locale to another. The facility provider at the current locale may not have rooms available for your next reservation request.  That is where CrewFacilities.com and Andrea Tsakanikas come in. [caption id="attachment_7" align="aligncenter" width="300"] A Crew Travel Manager can offer you the benefits of their total client volume to save you thousands on your lodging.[/caption] CrewFacilities has many years and expertise in the workforce lodging  industry.  Their decades of experience on the ground throughout the US while booking, managing and renting thousands of hotel rooms, man camps, lodges and apartments for their clients. The relationships nurtured by CrewFacilities.com over the years benefit their clients.  As they are able to leverage their volume and relationships to offer the best rates and facilities wherever your crews travel across the country and beyond national borders.

    Posted by: andrea_admin