• CrewFacilities Tip: Pay Attention to Technology When Selecting a Travel Manager

    Some companies may decide to use in-house staff because they understand the hassles associated with working with a travel agency to handle the process of planning and managing crew travels. However, that need not be the case when you select a travel management company, such as CrewFacilities.com.  CrewFacilities has created its own innovative and proprietary crew travel and logistics mobile application for android and Iphone called CrewFacts.  CrewFacts allows the travel coordinator to simplify the information flow which reduces layers of miscommunication and tracks all personnel by location, facility and room number. Such technological tools offer numerous benefits as discussed below. Real Time Access to Itineraries and Rosters. It can get tedious when you have to call a travel agency each time you need to make a change to the itinerary of your team’s proposed trip.  Much less have the ability to cancel or change a reservation once booked with a travel agency, most are non-refundable and non-changeable. Technology, such as the CrewFacts app, delivers all the information that you need right to your mobile device. All parties will therefore stay on the same page since they will have access to the latest and most real-time information regarding a particular reservation, their crew or a specific job, rig, purchase order. Reduction of “Unpleasant Surprises.” The travel management app (CrewFacts) developed by Andrea Tsakanikas and CrewFacilities tracks every cost related to crew travel, room rate, number of rooms, check in, check out, taxes and location, and any other customized reporting you require.  This ensures that your company will not be charged with any unexpected and unauthorized costs when bills are reviewed, approved and set for payment processing. Effective trip planning can therefore take place without any concerns that the final cost will exceed what was budgeted, since the information stored by the app tracks accurate data. Timely Alerts. Travel managers like Andrea Tsakanikas and her CrewFacilities team who use an innovative, customized, proprietary developed travel management apps, such as CrewFacts, guarantee to reduce the time spent in constantly monitoring schedules, locations, quality of facilities, number of rooms, availability, rates and fees.  So you can focus on your daily responsibilities and tasks, without worrying about crew travel.  The app monitors all of that for you. For example, CrewFacts simplifies the process with real time accuracy for your review once your reservation is in process and then again when finalized, or when your crew has checked into the selected lodging facility. You don’t need to sweat the small stuff if you have CrewFacilities on your side. Technology can be an invaluable tool for crew travel management. However, as Andrea Tsakanikas, President of CrewFacilities says, each company has its own preferences regarding the extent to which technology should be used during specific company activities.  Offering her clients to customize their requirements as CrewFacilities.com can design a customized process to synchronize with your in-house travel flow.  With CrewFacilities innovative mobile application and software technology, CrewFacts, you can reduce all the layers of back and forth communication with all parties from the crew supervisor, the regional office, the Operations Manager, Corporate office, new hires, people out sick, job changes and cancellations, the facility, crew members needing rooms, etc.  And eliminate so many direct person-to-person contact during trip management, with notification of all necessary parties in one simplified step.

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