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    3 Risks You Should Plan for When Your Team Travels

    Disaster relief organizations need to cover all the bases when sending out teams to the field. This article discusses some of the potential risks which you should anticipate and mitigate in case your crew is going to travel for work. The first risk which you should think about are the risks to the personal safety of your crew. Experienced travel managers, such as Andrea Tsakanikas, have technological tools (CrewFacts app) which can mitigate some of those personal safety risks. For example, the app can be used to provide updates to all crew members and simplify the process to stay in communication. The second risk which you need to mitigate has to do with corporate liability. For example, do you have a travel policy which regulates the kind of lodgings which your team uses while away on duty? Your company can be held liable for breaching its duty of care in case an employee is injured or killed during a mugging while heading to lodgings in an unsafe neighborhood. You need to acquire corporate liability insurance for such eventualities. It is also imperative that you develop the relevant policies to guide your employees in their decision making processes when they travel. You should also prepare for any monetary risks which can arise when your crew travels. For example, late cancellations of bookings can attract penalties which will stretch your travel budget. Similarly, booked rooms which remain unused add an unnecessary cost to the travel budget. Hiring a travel management firm like CrewFacilities can help you to reduce some of those added expenses since the travel manager will constantly be on the lookout for ways to keep expenses affordable and within your budget. Many more risks may exist each time your team travels. The best way to identify and minimize those risks is by asking the fresh pair of eyes of an experienced travel manager like Andrea Tsakanikas to shine the torch on your corporate travel habits and practices. Work with the travel management company to design measures to empower employees to minimize those risks.

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