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    4 Ancillary Services Crew Facilities Can Handle for Business Travelers

    Some inexperienced people may think that travel management firms like CrewFacilities.com only focus on procuring lodgings and arranging transportation to and from the target destination. However, the comfort of your crew and the success of the trip requires multiple ancillary services to be bundled into any package offered to teams. The following are some of those helpful ancillary services. Executive Lounge Passes. Your team may need to get some work done as they wait for their flight to be called. This can be hard in case the team is huddled in a crowded departure lounge with numerous distractions, such as kids running around seats. CrewFacilities can secure executive lounge passes so that the team can sit in a conducive environment in which they will do their work during the time that would have been wasted as they wait for the flight. Seat Assignment. The seats selected during a flight can enhance or detract from the comfort of your employees when they travel. Seat selection should therefore not be left to chance. Your travel manager should select the most appropriate seat for each crew member so that they can travel in comfort and reach the destination ready to perform their assignments excellently. Onboard Refreshments. Food is important while one is traveling for business. CrewFacilities is aware that the meals available on planes may not suit the dietary preferences of each team member. Andrea Tsakanikas and her team can therefore make prior arrangements so that any crew member with special dietary requirements can be served what they prefer during their trip. Airport/Hotel Transfers. It can be a nightmare for your team to secure transportation in a place they aren’t familiar with. Duty of care dictates that employers do everything possible to ensure employee safety at all times. Work with CrewFacilities to arrange for any airport or hotel transfers for your crew so that they aren’t exposed to any danger when they hail any passing taxi. Is there any other specific ancillary service that your team requires when they travel? Talk to CrewFacilities and the appropriate arrangements will be made.

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