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    3 Challenges of Emergency Responders that Lodging Contractors Must Address

    Emergency responders are usually called out at short notice to aid those who have been affected by a disaster, such as a fire or a hurricane. Emergency relief workers have to get on the scene quickly in order to help those affected. This process presents unique challenges that a lodging contractor must be able to address. The following are some of those challenges.

    • Unpredictability of Demand
    Most lodging contractors prefer clients who have a predictable schedule of operations and magnitude of services required. However, disasters don’t follow a timetable. Emergencies occur anywhere and with differing magnitudes. This means that your lodging contractor must be able to sweep into action quickly in order to avail sufficient lodgings for the teams responding to the emergency. Versatile lodging contractors like Andrea Tsakanikas, the President and founder of CrewFacilities, have extensive experience in working with disaster relief workers. Your unpredictable lodging requirements can be met as soon as information is available about the number of workers who need emergency lodging as they offer emergency response services.
    • Short Lead Times
    Emergency responders must get to the scene of a disaster quickly and get to work. This imposes a huge responsibility upon the lodging contractor selected to find the right emergency accommodation for those emergency relief workers. The lodging contractor must act quickly without sacrificing any of the requirements of the disaster relief agency which has hired that lodging contractor. CrewFacilities is positioned to handle such situations because the company has an extensive database of vetted lodgings from which the right facilities can be selected in any location where disaster relief services are required.
    • Damage to the Logistics Infrastructure
    Disasters often leave vital infrastructure, such as roads and communications systems broken. This makes it harder for the emergency responders to deliver needed supplies and services to the affected people in a timely manner. Experienced lodging contractors like Andrea Tsakanikas can secure the needed facilities and transportation at short notice so that disaster response teams can get on the ground quickly. As you can see, CrewFacilities has the experience and personnel needed to provide the facilities needed by disaster response personnel at any time when such services are required. Get in touch with Andrea Tsakanikas and discuss what you need so that the right package can be created for your emergency teams.

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