• 4 Things Your Company Must Know About the Duty of Care Program

    Employers are legally required to exercise duty of care over their employees regardless of where those employees are executing their work-related tasks from. This article discusses four crucial duty of care tenets that you need to keep in mind when selecting a travel management company like CrewFacilities.com.

    • Duty of care is bipartisan. A successful duty of care program for your company must recognize that everyone has a role to play in its success. For example, the program would fail in case your employees didn’t take the necessary safety precautions when they travel to do company work. All parties must therefore be brought on board so that incidents are avoided or minimized.
    • Employers are presumed liable. You also need to stay aware that you as an employer will be assumed to be liable when an incident occurs until you prove beyond a shadow of doubt that you did everything in your power to safeguard your employees from the risk that occurred. The burden of proof falls squarely on you.
    • Duty of care is not transferrable. As mentioned earlier, you will be presumed liable until you prove otherwise when a safety incident occurs involving your employees. You cannot claim that you passed on your responsibility to another person or entity. That is why utmost care must be taken when vetting TMCs so that you can select the one which will go beyond the call of duty to implement your duty of care program when your employees travel and you cannot supervise them personally.
    • Prevention and prompt response goes a long way. Most of your efforts should be directed towards preventing duty of care incidents so that you rarely have to take action after the fact. Working with CrewFacilities and Andrea Tsakanikas will ensure that you have all the support you need to avert, or take swift action when an incident occurs. Staff morale and productivity will remain unaffected with this approach.
    CrewFacilities.com understands how important it is to implement a duty of care program to the letter when employees travel. Various measures, such as putting the CrewFacts App to good use in addition to assigning a dedicated contact person when your team travels ensure that your duty of care program will never be found wanting.  

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