• Why Data is Key to Implementing Your Travel Policy

    Many companies may not know it, but travel data collection and analysis may be the key to unlocking the roadblocks that have been preventing the travel policies of those companies from being implemented and bringing savings on corporate travel. Andrea Tsakanikas, President of CrewFacilities, normally detects that there is a data collection gap when clients cannot provide a direct answer regarding how much they have been spending on employee travel the past few years. Accurate data serves many purposes.

    Controlling What Has Been Measured

    As the saying goes, you cannot control what you don’t measure. A glance at several CrewFacilities reviews shows that many companies are amazed by the patterns revealed when they work with CrewFacilities.com to collect travel data and analyze it periodically. Such an analysis enables the TMC to institute measures aimed at managing wasteful expenditure in the travel aspects where waste is detected. For example, your company may be losing money because employees keep booking flights at the last minute. Changing this one aspect alone can result in significant savings each year.

    Appropriate Travel Policy Changes

    Without data, companies can only guess at what changes need to be made to their travel policies in order to make them more relevant. CrewFacilities reviews point to the value that can be got when travel data collection involves providing codes for the different reasons for which employees make certain decisions. For example, the “reason codes” can shed light on why an employee didn’t select the most affordable ticket before flying to meet a client. Such data will be invaluable when making changes to the travel policy because it will be possible to predict what impact a given change will have on your travel spend. The numerous CrewFacilities reviews attest to the utility of this data collection method. As you may have seen from the CrewFacilities reviews left by previous clients of the travel management company, it is important to have a customized data collection and reporting system for your company. CrewFacilities can help you to design such a system, and you can generate various reports on a weekly or monthly basis so that you know whether your travel policy is having the desired results or not. CrewFacilities.com can then work with you to implement any needed changes so that you get back on track in your efforts to keep corporate travel costs in check.

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