• 4 Facts About What Business Travelers Think (Does Your Travel Policy Measure Up?)

    It is important to have a travel policy that pays ample attention to the needs of travelers if that policy is to stand any chance of being adhered to by travelers. But what do travelers think about business travel? Here are some facts and figures that CrewFacilities.com has learnt about what business travelers think about their trips. Use this information to re-evaluate the appropriateness or relevance of your company’s travel policy.

    Fact #1: About 50% of Travelers Value Convenient Travel Times

    Have you ever had to wake up thrice a month to catch a flight at 3am? Nearly half the travelers who have given CrewFacilities feedback say that one of the most crucial things that determine whether a trip will be enjoyable or not is the travel time. So, while it is good to insist that your employees book the most affordable flight available, you need to make exceptions now and then if such flights compel employees to travel during odd hours.

    Fact #2: About 50% Prefer Talking to a Person When Unexpected Events Occur During a Trip

    Every business traveler will sooner or later have to deal with a trip that goes wrong, such as when the weather acts up and a flight is cancelled. About half of all travelers say that they prefer to talk the situation through with a real person rather than using a technological tool, such as a chatbot. This finding illustrates why CrewFacilities.com has been so successful over the years. The company values its clients so much that a dedicated team is available to work with travelers round the clock so that trips are successful. Such personalized service is valued by business travelers.

    Fact #3: 71% Have Sneaked Sightseeing Into Business Trips

    This statistic is a significant one if your employees travel a lot for work-related purposes. You can use this knowledge to tailor your travel program in such a way that the trip is flexible enough to accommodate some leisure activities for your business travelers. In this way, employees will look forward to their trips and they will be more productive during those trips as a result of the relaxation they experience during those sightseeing sessions.

    Fact #4: In-Room Tech/Wi-Fi Was the Most Valued Hotel Amenity

    CrewFacilities.com wasn’t surprised to confirm that most business travelers value in-room technology or Wi-Fi when they stay at hotels. As “bleisure” (business fused with leisure) becomes a common feature of business travel, in-room technology plays a big role in both aspects of a trip. For example, in-room technology can take in-room entertainment to a whole new level for the tech-savvy traveler while technology can also allow the travel to do some work using portable devices (laptop, tablet, etc.) while in the hotel room. The question is, does your travel policy allow employees to book hotels with such amenities? You can get these and other insights about employee travel when you work with CrewFacilities.com as your TMC. Contact us today and let us customize a package just for you.

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