• How to Enhance Your Business Travel Program in 2019

    The first quarter of 2019 is well behind us, and this may be the time for you to ask yourself whether your corporate travel program is better this year than it was in the years before. This article discusses some areas that you can focus on when finding ways to make your corporate travel program better this year and beyond.

    Consolidate Your Vendors

    You may be leaving a lot of benefits on the table if you haven’t consolidated your vendors. For example, have you limited the number of hotels that your employees can stay at when they travel to a particular destination? Consolidating your vendors allows you to negotiate preferential rates and also enjoy other benefits, such as upgrades and loyalty points with those selected vendors. You should therefore consider consolidating vendors so that you can reap the rewards of dealing with fewer service providers. CrewFacilities.com can help you in this process so that you enjoy the maximum gains possible.

    Review Your Duty of Care and Risk Management Systems

    Now may also be the time for you to review your duty of care as well as the risk management procedures so that you are sure that they are adequate. For example, do you have a special training program to keep female travelers safe? This review will ensure that you are always on top of your game when it comes to fulfilling your moral and legal duty of care obligations towards your employees.

    Patch Up the Travel Policy

    CrewFacilities.com also recommends that you assess your travel policy and fix any gaps that may have cropped up over the years. For example, your travel policy may be years old and it doesn’t guide your employees on what to do about the “sharing economy”, such as Airbnb and ridesharing. Update the policy so that you address any new developments in the travel industry.

    Amp Up Reporting

    How often do you generate and analyze reports about different aspects of your travel program? For example, a monthly analysis of unused tickets can help you to keep track of such tickets so that they don’t expire before they are used. Reviewing your quarterly expenditure on business travel can also alert you to any trends that you can exploit to reduce your spend or take advantage of opportunities to save. Contact CrewFacilities.com today and let us discuss how you can enhance your corporate travel program going forward. Working with our professionals will open your eyes to travel management aspects that you had never thought about.

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