• 4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Switch to Paperless Travel Expense Processing

    While the demand for paperless processes is on the rise, many companies still maintain their paper-based systems of processing travel expenses. Is your company one of them? Here are four compelling reasons why you too should make the switch to a paperless system.

    You Will Be More Productive

    It takes several minutes for you to rifle through receipts in order to find a particular one which you want to file under a specific entry. This time can be saved when you start using a paperless system because all you need to do is to take photos of the different receipts and then upload the photos to the travel expense management system. The travel management experts at Crewfacilities.com also reveal that software exists to populate claims automatically using the information in the receipts.

    Paperless Systems Are Accessible

    Another reason that your employees will thank you for when you switch to a paperless travel expense management system is the accessibility which will result. As you may know, when you go digital, your employees can file their expenses even before they return from their trips. These claims can therefore be processed sooner, resulting in faster reimbursement. Executives who are in charge of processing or approving those claims can also do so on the go instead of the process being held up until they are in office.

    Higher Travel Policy Compliance

    Going paperless gives you an opportunity to build policy compliance checks into the travel expense system. For example, the finance department can automatically reject any hotel booking which isn’t in compliance with the guidelines set in the travel policy. Additionally, having all the travel expense data in one place also makes it easy for you to audit your travel spend due to the clear trail of how resources have been utilized.

    Higher Visibility

    The clear paper trail referred to earlier makes it harder for fraud to go undetected. Paperless systems also allow you to generate reports for analysis of the different aspects of employee travel, such as hotel room costs and airfares. This increased visibility gives you an opportunity to make data-driven decisions as you plan and predict your future expenses on employee travel. Talk to us at CrewFacilities.com if you are at a loss regarding how to make the switch to a paperless travel expense system. We shall use our experience and technology tool (CrewFacts App) to make the switch hassle-free.

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