• Are You Concerned that Traveling is Harming Your Health? Use these 5 CrewFacilities Tips for Healthy Travel

    Traveling consistently exposes you to a variety of health risks, through either infections or just plain old complacency. However, these CrewFacilities.com tips could help you stay healthy while traveling for business.

    Sleep in a clean, hygienic room

    Studies show that there has been a 44% increase in bedbug outbreaks in hotels and lodges since 2015. You can avoid staying in an infested hotel room by working with CrewFacilities, who will make sure the hotel you are booked into has been vetted, and the room is clean and free from pests. We will ensure that you and your crew sleep only in top-rated hotels. You should also ensure the bedding, towels and the room are fresh and clean before settling in.

    Stay in touch with your loved ones

    Although traveling is exciting and rewarding, it often comes with its fair share of loneliness. Being alone in these new places is likely to cause depression. Andrea Tsakanikas and her experienced team at CrewFacilities.com will make sure you are booked into a room with access to the internet for you to be in constant communication with your family and friends. Sending texts, emails, and calling home at least once a day will help you feel closer to your loved ones, and less alone.

    Spend on healthy travel snacks

    Being so far from home and the food you are used to could tempt you to bite into a burger and some fries instead. You don’t have to, though. There are always healthier alternatives that are tasty and easy to pack. For example, you could buy a packet of Pretzel Crisps or Kind Bars for the long flight back home.

    Get enough sleep before your flight

    You must sleep enough before your flight. CrewFacilities undertakes all the nitty-gritty aspects of the travel arrangements so you can rest before you travel. We'll book you into top-notch, affordable rooms close to your work engagement, giving you plenty of time to pack up and have enough rest before a long flight.

    Work out, preferably before meals

    Don't let all that hard work go to waste. Going on trips isn't an excuse for you to fall out of your fitness regimen. If anything, you ought to work harder because of all that new food you are going to try out. Working out before meals is ideal because you are still light enough to get work done, and are likely to eat less food after your work out. CrewFacilities can locate hotels with gyms and swimming pools to make it easier for you to do quick on-the-road workouts.   Traveling comes with a lot of stress, especially when you're responsible for you and your crew's flight and living arrangements. Ensuring you stay active and healthy during your travels is essential. CrewFacilities takes care of all the variables that could affect your health, allowing you to put 100% of your focus on your work.

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