• Factors to Consider When Selecting Airport Parking Before a Business Trip

    So you have a business trip coming up, and it's a big one. You know that you have to be focused and on point, so everything has to go as smoothly as possible. If you're driving yourself to the airport, chances are you've wondered where you'll park, especially if you'll be gone a couple of days. The start of a trip pretty much sets the mood for the rest of the trip, and picking the right kind of airport parking will save you a lot of stress before, during and after the trip. To make sure all your business trips are smooth sailing, CrewFacilities prepared a list of factors business travelers ought to consider before setting on airport parking.

    Shuttle Services

    If you're driving yourself, you'll have to consider the shuttle services offered by the airport. When do they run? How long does the ride to the airport take? Different airports offer different shuttle services, and picking airport parking with the right kind of shuttle services for you will ensure you start your trip right on schedule.

    The Location of the Lot

    Nothing sucks as much as missing a flight you were on time for. Some airport shuttles have their pick up points some distance from the airport parking lot, and you have to factor that in when making your choice. Usually, parking service providers have to pay the airport a fee and many opt for some distance from the airport to keep the fees low. So chances are, you'll have to spend time finding a parking lot whose location suits your needs.

    The Parking Service Provider

    This is your car you're leaving with them, after all, and you have to make sure you pick a reputable provider. Not only will you know that your vehicle is in good hands, but you'll be able to focus entirely on business during your trip. So how do you know a company knows its stuff? You could go online, look for reviews and testimonials, but that takes unnecessary time and effort. Travel management companies like CrewFacilities.com are uniquely suited to cater to such needs, seeing as they have databases filled with such locations, and they can cherry-pick what's best suited for you.

    Read the Terms and Conditions

    I know, I know, save for lawyers, who has the time to do that? Most people barely read the terms and conditions, and that's never a good idea. However, for most business travelers, reading the terms of the contract is almost an impossibility. There's just too much to do and prepare, and you have to be on point during your trip. No worries, CrewFacilities has your back. With all the experience Andrea Tsakanikas and her team have gathered over the years, the company will be able to go through such legal documents with ease and ensure you get the best deal. At the end of the day, the airport you opt for will greatly influence your trip. Make sure you choose the most suitable shuttle services and factor in the location of the lot. Don't forget to go for a reputable provider, and most of all, read the terms and conditions.   CrewFacilities will do all that for you, allowing you to plan for your business trip. Contact us for a discussion on how we can be of help.

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