• Why Getting the Homeless Off the Streets is Good During COVID-19 Fight

    It is now clear that cities, counties, and government agencies number one priority against the coronavirus pandemic to win this fight and restore normalcy to communities and businesses.     To prevent further spread, many municipalities are assisting the homeless population in distancing from others and into shelters and other accommodation facilities. CrewFacilities.com is assisting in sourcing potential hotels that are empty or closed to help house this population.

    Minimizing Uncontrolled Movements.

    When the homeless are in managed accommodations, such as hotels, they will be less likely to move about at this time when shelter in place orders are in force.  With the homeless sheltered in managed facilities, there will be a reduced chance of the communal spread of the COVID-19 virus.

    Improved Access to Treatment.

    Inevitably, the homeless are likely to have members from within their ranks infected with COVID-19, just as other sections of the community. It is easier to identify the sick and get them quickly to hospital if the homeless are accommodated in managed facilities. As prompt isolation and treatment is provided, chances that one infected homeless person will spread the disease to other members of the community are highly reduced. Consequently, the disease can be contained sooner so that lockdown measures can be eased for everyone.

    Sanitization of Public Spaces is Easier.

    We have all seen crews out in the streets spraying disinfectants and other sanitization products on surfaces that are frequently touched, such as park benches. Those surfaces can remain free from contamination for longer if the homeless are given an opportunity to stay off the streets. Also, the decontamination effort is a lot easier to perform when there are no people out on the streets to slow down the work of the crews performing the sanitization work.     Understandably, the job of fighting back against the Coronavirus pandemic is an all-hands-on-deck task and cities, counties and government departments have their hands full. That is where Andrea Tsakanikas and the team at CrewFacilities.com comes in. We have been in the business of arranging (at short notice) and mobilizing hundreds and even thousands of temporary lodging rooms in hotels and other facilities for traveling teams, crews, emergency responders and other large groups. In fact, the City of New York granted us a $250 million contract to provide temporary lodging services to the Office of Emergency Management during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. If you would like to learn how we can be of service in your jurisdiction, contact us today!

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