Andrea Tsakanikas’ Achievement - An inspiring saga of triumph

"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."

- Henry David Thoreau

Attaining success is not always an easy path to follow. As many find road blocks and challenges that can hamper getting to the final finish line. But to truly be successful, it takes patience, sheer determination, consistent work, never giving up no matter what with a vision to achieve your goal

Andrea Tsakanikas is such a person who puts best of their efforts to achieve extraordinary accomplishments. She is a manager, consultant and a proud entrepreneur, who believes in achieving perfection through commitment and hard work.

She has successfully established a travel management advisory company – – that has evolved to be a leader in its industry.

It takes an effective decision-making ability, with a focus on high detail and multi-tasking to manage the many facets of crew logistics and travel management. This has resulted in great company growth for as a reliable travel management advisory entity in North America.

Here are some of her work-related accomplishments:

  • President -
    Andrea Tsakanikas co-founded – a travel management advisory company that fosters organizations to realize reduced travel costs, reduced in-house administrative time and labor, while maintaining productivity.
  • President - KT Consulting International
    As President of the company Andrea was responsible for a team of construction management consultants from many different divisions conducting projects for REITS, developers, multi family management companies, investment groups.
  • Chief Operating Officer -
    As COO of this entity Andrea was responsible for building the company’s infrastructure.
  • VP of Operations -Team Housing Solutions Inc.
    Andrea was responsible for setting up a remote lodging division for a corporate housing company.
  • Broker/ Owner - Florida Luxury
    Andrea Tsakanikas started her venture as an entrepreneur with Florida Luxury Rentals– a real estate brokerage in 2002. The company was primarily focused on rentals, vacation rentals, property management and investment acquisitions. It was one of the top producers in the Fort Lauderdale vacation rental specialty.
  • Operations Manager - KT Contractors
    She worked for a real estate development and investment company dealing with multifamily, commercial and larger single-family communities.