Andrea Tsakanikas – Taking Crew Logistics Management to New Heights

Andrea Tsakanikas has been associated with corporations, owner/operators, national management companies, corporate lodging organizations, REITs and developers. Along with this, she has successfully represented several investors and managed workforce lodging, rental and resort projects.

She has worked as a real estate management advisor for corporations and assisted them in rebranding projects, setting up management divisions and centralizing national management operations.

With her knowledge and hands-on experience as a management consultant, property & facility management advisor and seasoned marketing & business development consultant, Andrea Tsakanikas laid foundation of – a travel management advisory company. The entity is dedicated towards assisting corporations in realizing reduced travel cost, time and labor through result-oriented lodging solutions.

Take a quick glance at her portfolio

Andrea Tsakanikas has been working as a management consultant for the travel and facility projects. Her expertise lies in handling issues associated to the following fields:

  • Property Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Sales
  • Process Management
  • Team Building
  • Real Estate Development
  • Management Advisor
  • Corporate Housing
  • Crew Logistics
  • Resort and Hotel Management
  • Oil Field Housing
  • Workforce Housing
  • Remote Lodging Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Trainer
  • Lean Property Management
  • Property Management Software Implementations
  • Re-branding
  • Owner’s Representation
  • Lease-ups
  • Distressed Projects, and
  • Centralized Property Management

She has unparalleled “Boots on the ground” and facility management expertise that offers a helpful perspective in managing the clients’ side of lodging. Andrea Tsakanikas has successfully managed a number of projects from multi-family apartments, national bulk home real estate portfolios, work force lodging, vacation rental investment properties, to remote facilities. During her career, she has successfully performed several challenging roles and proved her exceptional skills.

Some of the roles she has been retained for include:

  • Chief Operating Officer, Crew Logistics/Remote Lodging Company
  • President/Founder, Property Management Entity
  • VP of Operations, Financial Institution
  • VP of Operations, Corporate Lodging Company
  • Worked for corporations, owner/operators, national management companies corporate lodging organizations, REITs and developers
  • Advisor for real estate management corporations, helped setting up management divisions, centralizing national management corporations.
  • President and founder of – a travel management advisory company aimed at managing, controlling, reducing personnel lodging expenditures for organizations with mobile work forces across North America. The company offers outsourced management for their group travel and logistics via a single hub.

How came into existence

Initially, Andrea was focused specifically in the oilfield industry. And then launched, a Women Owned/Minority Business Enterprise working with many different industry clients that have personnel groups traveling. The company’s main focus is to reduce their client personnel travel expenditures by offering a complete outsourced travel department. To obtain an outsourced travel manager with a complete team from reservations, to check ins, to tracking rooms and people, to auditing and reconciling hotel costs via one single contact. That is